A Letter from David Eisbrouch, Esq.

Vaginal mesh, also known as transvaginal mesh or pelvic mesh-was conceived as an innovative surgical solution for women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence.   As the medical devices gained popularity, transvaginal mesh surgery became more widespread.  Success stories were many, but other kinds of stories soon emerged.

We hear those stories every day from the women who call the Vaginal Mesh lawsuit phone number seeking the advice of a vaginal mesh lawyer.

Vaginal  mesh complications gained the attention of the FDA in 2008 when the agency released a public alert.  At that time, the agency announced that transvaginal mesh problems had been the subject of over 1000 complaints reported to the agency over a span of three years.  By December 2010, the number had climbed to over 2,800. Finally, in July 2011, the agency issued a safety communication regarding the severity and likelihood of a woman developing serious transvaginal mesh complications.

With that 2011 announcement, the FDA finally acknowledged the complaints we had been listening to ever since women began calling our Vaginal Mesh lawsuit telephone number.  As it turns out, these complications are not rare after all. Vaginal mesh erosion, recurrence of pelvic organ prolapse, pain, bleeding, emotional trauma—all transvaginal complications that occur regularly.

Vaginal mesh devices have been in wide use since 1996 with competitors introducing new devices cleared by the FDA on the theory of “substantial equivalence” to others already available. Now the same federal agency is telling women and doctors that the mesh may not even provide the benefits for which the products were designed.  These conclusions are coming too late for too many women.  But they do have legal recourse, and consultation with a lawyer may be their best option.

We are leading trial attorneys on the forefront of the latest breaking medical and legal developments regarding transvaginal complications and the resulting litigation.  We are committed to helping women whose lives have been forever changed by problems caused by the manufacturers they trusted.

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